Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum is a world-renowned Charleston, South Carolina museum. The museum is dedicated to preserving the United States maritime history through its vast collection of artifacts, exhibitions, and educational programs. Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum is best known for its unique collection of over 60 historic ships and submarines moored in its world-famous Charleston harbor. The museum also boasts an extensive collection of maritime artifacts, including weapons, uniforms, and equipment. Learn more here.

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum is open to the public seven days a week and offers a variety of educational programs, tours, and events. The museum is a must-see for anyone interested in American maritime history. Style One of the most popular attractions at Patriots Point is the Yorktown Carrier Museum. The Yorktown is a decommissioned WWII aircraft carrier that served in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans during the war. The airline was responsible for sinking 4 Japanese ships and damaging six others during the Battle of the Coral Sea. After the war, Yorktown was used as a training vessel until 1974, when it was finally decommissioned. The Yorktown is now open to the public for tours and is one of the main highlights of Patriots Point. Learn more about Waterfront Park Pier: A Great Day Out for the Whole Family.